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Cold Brewers Coffee Co. was founded on the premise of crafting products that exceeded expectations.  We knew that cold brewed coffee was going to take off, it's too delicious not to.  But when we began to see what was hitting the market, we were let down, so we had to act.  

Cold brew coffee is revolutionizing the coffee industry.  It is regarded as a healthier and more delicious alternative to hot brewed coffee, when crafted properly.  Our mission is clear; create the finest cold brew coffee products that exceed the expectations of the most discerning coffee lovers.


We met in college where we both played baseball.  We bonded over many things, but of course coffee dominated our discussions. While everyone else was talking about the weekend, schoolwork, girls, you name it,  we envisioned what it would take to bring our passion to fruition.


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Oh my goodness the aroma was so incredible.....and I haven't even opened the bag yet!!


It only took one sip. I have found my daily brew. Great job gentleman!


I have been a professional cupper for almost twenty years now and I thought I've tasted it all.  What a unique flavor profile

Roger V.