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"Cold Brewers Select" Micro Lot Cold Brew Coffee Beans

Micro Lot-Limited Supply Cold Brew Coffee Beans
Cold Brewers Coffee Co Micro Lot Cold Brew Coffee
This collection is not harvested from your traditional, large, mainstream farms and plantations. A micro-mill is a coffee farm that is independently run and deals directly with buyers, thus forming more of a personal "relationship" than the coffee conglomerates can offer. The micro-mills produce more consistent, higher quality coffee beans as well, called "micro-lots"-smaller quantities of specific beans exquisite taste.
 Micro-Lot coffees are available on an extremely limited basis and consequently only at specific times of the year. That time is now! We cupped numerous offerings, selected from the finest farms, and tested the intricacies and uniqueness of these beans when cold brewed.
We are only selling 500 bags of this rare micro-lot coffee commonly called the "Cold Brewers Select"
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